Half Price Computer Books’ Founder Story

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Back in 2018 our founder Courtney D. Miller first released this magazine to distribute information about computers. At first, it began as a hobby, while she was working as a General and operations manager for a local company in Canada. But now, it has become a career for her with all the work she has put in over the years.

The Arrival of Our Magazine

Featured image About Our Magazine The Arrival of Our Magazine - About Our Magazine

We all know that computer technology has evolved through the years, this is one of the reasons this magazine came to be, to offer solutions to readers that have an interest in computer technology.

With that in mind, it was pretty clear what Courtney had to do as she is a self-proclaimed computer geek. This is why this magazine was fairly easy for her to write.

What Keep Us Going

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Most of the feedback from our readers are people that have created web pages, video games, or mobile apps. Anything from experienced programmers to beginners. To be able to help them is what keeps us motivated since it’s an honor to be part of a society that continues to develop computer science.

Here we share information about retailers that sell computer books, programming guides, and web development.