Cheapest Netbooks under 500 – HP Stream 11 – $ 199

The HP Stream 11 is cheap, cheerful and very fast, thanks to the SSD that starts apps within couple of seconds. Boot times are under 10 seconds and it gives tough competition to 11 inch ultrabooks. * Bright 11.6-Inch Screen with HD resolution * Powerful Intel N3050 processor with Intel HD Graphics * Genuine Windows 10 […]

Cheapest Netbooks under 500 – Lenovo IdeaPad 100s $171

Lenovo 100s packs superb build quality and comes with latest windows 10 operating system. It comes out of suspended mode in less than second. Powered by quad core processor, it comes with flash storage that boots OS and apps in less than couple of seconds. * 11.6″ LED backlight display with Intel HD Graphics * […]